Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Exclusive products from DALZBUTTONCRAFT conjunction to HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI 
KAISAH Maxi Dress with lace detailing on the arms shoulders and waist belt the front of the shirt. Moreover decorated with lace and beads to give the impact of vintage, exclusive and "sweet" to a beautiful girl like you. 

PHOTOG: CintaKahwinku

Please refer to the details we need to make a reservation KAISAH Maxi Dress

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4 colours option :


Price Size S = RM130 (Postage included)
Price Size M = RM140 (Postage included)
Price Size L = RM150 (Postage included)
Price Size L = RM160 (Postage included)

 Material: KOREAN AAA grade Lycra (soft & not hot)
Sabah/ Sarawak : + RM 5 (postage fees)